Run Today

13.1, it’s not ‘just a half’. It’s an accomplishment!

Following the great success of the pre-Covid half marathon courses, we are launching another half marathon course next year, code name “13.1 Miles? Bring it on!” If you have always wanted to run a half marathon distance then this program is for you! It’s a 26 week course and it includes an application for the Clew Bay Half Marathon!

This course is great for runners attempting their first half marathon and for experienced runners who have never had coaching before. The class teaches essentials for endurance training that apply to races of the half marathon distance and longer.

Who: For runners with at least six months of running experience. You need to be capable of doing a 10KM run at a comfortable pace.

What: Coaching on general principles for endurance training, race-specific workouts to develop speed and endurance, and coaching on specific types of workouts like hill repeats, pace intervals, pace runs, aerobic development, and progression runs.

When: Meet for a “getting to know each other” run on Saturday 30th of March at 11:00AM. The group coaching sessions will take place on Tuesday evening, the long runs will be on Saturday mornings.

Where: We’ll meet for the kick-off at Bunowen Playground, the rest of the course will take place around Louisburgh and Westport

Why: For those seeking professional coaching and advice to try their first half marathon or to improve on their half marathon PR. Coaching generally appeals to runners who like structure, discipline, accountability and the camaraderie of training partners.

Course includes:
• 26 Weekly group coaching sessions
• 26 Weekly runs
• Training plan
• Weekly messages with workout specifics
• Run Today Running Team Shirt
• Instruction on all of the necessities such as nutrition, hydration, and strength training for runners
• Application for the Clew Bay Half Marathon
• After party

Limited spots available, 10 is the maximum!

This course will kick-off at the end of March 2024!!